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What is DSPOT?

DSPOT (Diversity Spot) is a career fair where Sweden's 50 most attractive employers are exhibiting and looking for the most talented international talents in Sweden.

When and where is DSPOT?

March 9th at Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden

Does it cost to attend?

No, it’s free of charge for all visitors.

Do you publish a list of companies attending?

Yes, we will frequently upload confirmed companies on our website and our app.

In which language is the career fair?


Do the employers require me to speak Swedish for their jobs?

Majority of the jobs will be english speaking jobs.

Should I bring resume to the event?

Not necessary since you resume is available for our Exhibitor on our app.

Is there a dress code?

Although there is not a dress code, most candidates prepare for a career fair just like a job interview. Business casual is acceptable for most recruiters.

Why should I pre-register?

Pre-registering for the event makes the on-site registration process more efficient, and you will be admitted into the career fair faster. But, most importantly, it also ensures that your resume is available for recruiters to view before and after the event.

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Find answers to your questions. 

What are the benefit of attending DSPOT?

The benefits on attending DSPOT (Diversity Spot) is that you will meet highly driven and motivated international talents which want to work in your company. You will also have the possiblity to be inspiried by our Diversity & Inclusion panelist, network with other companies and meet business executives.

What time do DSPOT Career Fair run?

The Career fair starts at 10:00 and finish at 16:00 and the event finish with the banquet that is from 19:00 to 22:00.

Who is the typical candidate for the event?

International students, foreign academics, academic new arrivals and swedish born foreign academics. We also welcome foreigners with minimum of 3 years work experience from a qualified job.

How many candidates will attend the career fair?

We expect to have between 2000 to 3000 visiting candidates.

When will I have access to resume of the candidates visiting DSPOT?

Participating companies will have access to our candidates resume 30 days before and after the event on our Talent app.

When do I know that my spot at the career fair is confirmed?

Your spot will be confirmed when we have received your payment.

What’s the deadline for an Exhibitor to purchase a booth?

14 days before the event.

Can Employers request a specific booth location when purchasing a booth package?

In order to secure prime location at the event, Employers must purchase a Gold Package. Each of these packages entitles the Employer to a reserved, premiere location within the venue. For all other packages, booth location will be placed at best possible place. We will make every reasonable attempt to ensure that companies of the same industries are not placed side by side.

Is parking included in the package?

No. Parking is not included in the purchase price of the package.

Who do I contact about setting up interviews with candidates?

On our Talent App you will be able to schedule an interview with candidates.

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